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Colosseum Tours

The Michelangelo Tour

(Private & Semi-Private)

Where did Michelangelo live? where he was from? where did he learn to paint and sculpt? Who were his masters, his good friends, his rivals and enemies? How did he became the famous artist? Where did he create his sculptures and why his body is no longer buried in Roma?...more

Uffizi Tours

The Uffizi Gallery Tour

(Private & Semi-Private)

The ancient palace of the Offices of the Grand Duchy of Toscany houses the most important collection of the Italian Renaissance. It is one of the oldest museums of the world and perhaps the finest example of the Medici Family patronage...more

Oltrarno Tours

The Other Side of Florence:
The OltrArno Tour

(Private & Semi-Private)

Beyond the obvious and a few steps further, just turn the corner, there is the Other Florence, the Oltrarno (the other side of the Arno) quarter to be discovered. Though there are not lines and lines of tourists waiting to enter its museums, it is without a doubt that this neighborhood is a must-see...more

Walking Tours of Florence

The Walking Tour of Florence

(Private & Semi-Private)

This walking tour is the most classic of the tours that one can experience when in Florence. It is perfect if this is your first time in the birthplace of the Renaissance. It will be your way to experience the city in the palm of your hands, to realize how small it was, and yet one of the biggest cities in the world in that period...more

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