Climbing the Cathedral: discover THE dome of Florence

Duration: 3 hours.
Price: the cost of the tour can change according to the Museum management, season and the day of the week.
DAYS: From Monday to Saturday, reservation required
Starting time: 9 am; 12.30 pm; *4 pm.
*From April to October and due to security reasons for the heat, the tour of 4 pm will suffer an alteration in the itinerary visiting the museum first and then the dome.
Number of people: Private or Semi-private (max 8 people)
Language: English, Italian, Spanish and Portoghese. Expert language speakers guides.


The Dome inside (climb up)
The Crypt of the Cathedral
The Cathedral’s Museum inside (Michelangelo’s last Pietà)
(The first Tuesday of every month the Museum closes so we will visit the Baptistery inside).

– Cathedral Tickets: €18+ €2 booking fee for Adults. Reduced Price Tickets €3 for children from 6 to 11 years of age. Free Admission (ONLY DIRECTLY AT THE TICKET OFFICE) for children under 6 years of age.
– Tickets and schudels are required to be book online for the Dome’s climbing.
-If you want the guide to climb with you, you have to provide an aditional ticket for the guide booked online at the same schudel of the rest of the members of the group.
– The semi-private tours (5 up to 8 people) follows the same itinerary and prevent the use of headsets

For info and booking CONTACT US

Tour Description

Tour Description

How to describe this tour?
With these three adjectives:


More than a standard tour is a different experience for a lot of factors but above all because you will climb up to the top of the Florence’s Cathedral, over the Paradise!


In this exciting adventure we propose you to climb the 100 meters high (328,084 feet) that separate us from the top of the Brunelleschi’s dome.

Take a breath, get ready and enjoy the effort. Don’t be afraid, this is not a race or a personal challenge, on the contrary take your time, along the way we will find surprises, stops and wonderful moments to exchange reflections and ideas. 

You will forget you’re climbing in front of all overwhalming beauties that this experience will put in front of you such us the grandiose frescoes of the Dome. 

And suddenly, lost in this “laberinth” of tight galleries and staircases you will open your eyes to enjoy the priviledge of Florence as you’ve never seen it.

Once on the ground level again we will profit that we are already inside of the church to see the treasure that hides: The Crypt and much more, because is in fact the sum up of a lost time in Florence, the beginning of christianism and the end of pagan culture. 

But not only because after this we will touch another incredible masterpiece by Michelangelo that not everyone reach to see: his last Pietà in the cathedral’s Museum, an impressive composition that he made for his tomb with a complicated story behind. Donatello’s tragic Maddalena is another superb artwork that you can’t miss together with the medieval’s statues and the original doors of the Baptistery.

Information and Bookings

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