Main info

Duration: 1.5 hours.
Price: the cost of the tour can change according to the season and the day of the week.
DAYS: From Monday to Saturday, reservation required
Starting time: 9 am; 1 pm.
Number of people: Private or Semi-private (max 8 people)
Language: English, Italian, Spanish and Portoghese. Expert language speakers guides.

– No tickes needed! Only external visits 🙂

– The semi-private tours (5 up to 8 people) follows the same itinerary and prevent the use of headsets.


Duomo, Dome and Baptistery
Piazza di Dante
Piazza Signoria


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Tour Description

This tour is like the best italian coffee: intense and “ristretto”.
We will touch beautiful corners of the city related with its medieval past and unforgettable places where the history changed for ever. Smells, colors and the atmosphere of the city is a vital part of it.

We will tour the heart of the city to delight in its incomparable beauty.


For this Medival express walk we chose some of the most significative spots of the city that still conserve its ancient medieval essence.
We will start in front of the romanesque octagonal
Baptistery, the Cathedral and its wonderful Dome to know more about this great medieval construction.
After we will get the
Dante’s neighborhood, the area tha still conserve its middle ages flavour of Florence.
It is not a coincidence if the ancient prison of the city was located right behind it, its name is
Bargello and today is an interesting museum.
From here we will reach the las spot,
Piazza della Signoria where Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia dei Lanzi are.
It is an oper air museum to enjoy as the best coffe blend: deeply in a sip.

Information and Bookings

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