Duration: 3 hours.
Price: the cost of the tour can change according to the season and the day of the week.
TIME: 10 am to 1 pm/ 4 pm to 7 pm. Reservation required
Runs: every day.  
Number of people: Private or Semi-private (max 8 people)
Language: English, Italian, Spanish and Portoghese. 

SITES WE VISIT (outside): 

Duomo, Dome and Baptistery
Orsanmichele Church
Piazza della Repubblica
Ponte Vecchio
Piazza Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio (courtyard)
Piazzale degli Uffizi
Piazza Dante

– No tickets needed.
– The semi-private tours (5 up to 8 people) follows the same itinerary and prevent the use of headsets

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Walking Tour of Florence

Tour Description

The Classic Walking Tour of Florence is the perfect way to discover the Renaissance city!

A walk on foot through the streets and alleys of Florence where your guide will bring history to life!
We will cover the most important monuments and places to discover the history of the city.

Why and how Florence became the center of the world during Renaissance? Whic buildings, corners, squares are telling you the best stories?
You will feel real the history, the autenticity of the wonders of Florence and you would like to know more! We promise!


In our Classic Walking tour, we will cover the main highlights of the city center.

We will start with Quartiere di San Giovanni, the oldest part of the city, with the Duomo, our local cathedral, surmounted by the astonishing Brunelleschi’s Dome; the octagonal Baptistery named after St. John and world-wide known for its golden Gate of Paradise.

We will also reach Piazza Repubblica, one of the most ancient places in the city that keeps a lot of secrets behind its peculiar architecture. We cannot miss Orsanmichele church, a hidden gem of art and ancient business.

Arrive to Piazza Signoria will be the icing on top of the cake a special moment for our guests, is a unique place in the world and an icon of italian piazzas. It is a very special place because an impressive open air museum that make of this the heart of the city. We will visit the courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio that is the medieval building you can admire in the square to discover another hidden jewel.

The Uffizi square let us jump back to the Medici times to immerse ourselves in the stage of power, richness and luxury where this family moved.

The Ponte Vecchio, undoubtedly the symbol of the city and the most expensive “meat market” of the world. And some other unforgettable spots of the city is another of the highligths we will reach together to understand why is so curious and particular.

Piazza Dante is the medieval heart of the city that still remains as one of the last corners of the city with houses towers and other medieval corners.

Information and Bookings

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