Duration: 2 hours.
Price: the cost of the tour can change according to the season and the day of the week.
RUNS: Everyday except on thursday, reservation required
Starting time: 2 pm (for morning visits please contact us)
Number of people: Private or Semi-private (max 8 people)
Language: English, Italian, Spanish and Portoghese. Expert language speakers guides.


Palazzo Vecchio
Climbing to the tower


– Museum and Tower Tickets: €17,5+ €5 activity for Adults. €5 Activity Fee for under 18.
– The semi-private tours (5 up to 8 people) follows the same itinerary and prevent the use of headsets


Tour Description

Would you like to visit a medieval palace? 

In this tour, with the help of the internal guide, the kids will discover the secrets of this palace. Secrets rooms, the meaning of the paintings, what they used each chamber for… The guide will illustrate in this visit the quotidianity of the members of the government that lived and transform the palace into a magnifique renacentist residence with lovely frescoes and incredible decorations.

After history and stories told us, what about to climb stairs to reach the top of the tower? discover the great view of Florence from the top of the tower? Upon it the great view is unique and you will see the ancient parapet walk, a cage and discover other sigular details such us its murder holes… 


On this tour the kids have the opportunity to visit the most important Medieval palace in the city: Palazzo Vecchio. A palace of the 13th century symbol of the power of the city until today!

The tour will be developed in two different parts: 

  1. A guided visit inside of the rooms and chambers where the goverment members used to live.
  2. A second part where to climb up to the top of the tower (ALLOW TO KIDS OLDER THAN 6 YEARS).

During the visit to the palace we will be lead by the internal guides. They normally dress characteristis dresses to help the kids to imagine the palace’s residents of the past for example a courtier, a lady of the 16th century or a page. They will reveal the most intersting secrets of this enchanting place: the large room called Sala dei Cinquecento, the studiolo of Francesco I, the rooms of the Medici, the Maps room, Sala degli Elementi, Sala verde and its Chapel and much more!

Our guide will be always with you during the tour. Our guide will assume a secondary role to give all the prominence to the kids and the new temporary guide. 

The second part starts when the visit to the palace stage is over. 

What will we do then? With our guide children over 6 years old with at least one adult will have the opportunity to climb up to the top of the Palace and take the starway that finish upon the tower (if desired). There you will find not only steps, but a lot of nice and less known areas: the parapet walk and the battlements to protect the soldiers or even the old cage where famous prisioners where locked up into. The wonderful views of the city and its most suggestive monuments for example the near Uffizi terrace or the Cathedral and its dome, from the top will recompense all the effort of the climbing!

Information and Bookings

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