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Language: English, Italian, Spanish and Portoghese. Expert language speakers guides.



San Lorenzo church


Accademia Gallery

Cappelle Medicee

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– Accademia Tickets: €8+ €4 booking fee for Adults. €3 booking fee for under 18.

-Cappella Medicee Tickets: €9+ €3 booking fee for Adults. €3 booking fee for under 18.

– The semi-private tours (5 up to 8 people) follows the same itinerary and prevent the use of headsets

The Michelangelo Tour

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Tour Description

In this wonderful tour we will discover who was Michelangelo through two of his most important and famous works in Florence: David and Medici Chapel!

It will be a gift for your senses. In the Accademia we will enjoy the white giant, the most beautiful, incredible and sublime statue ever sculpted: David. The authentic symbol of Florence.

The Medici chapels is another real treasure of the city that homes some unique masterpieces of the great master. Here, in the Medici family “pantheon”, the story becomes very interesting because is a place where the stories of this famous family and Michelangelo are intertwine forever marking.

A true close-up of the life and the works of the beloved genius of the Renaissance.


We will touch the story of Michelangelo as a man and a genius. 

We will focus on Michelangelo’s figure: his life in Florence, his work, his dreams and fears sharing with you the most intimate part of this genius through his art.

We will start a famous museum called Galleria dell’Accademia.
Here you will enjoy a full immersion in the master’s footprints: starting with the unique and superb statue of David. We define it “the materialization of the beauty”, then we’ll continue with other surprising masterpieces like the “salves” of Michelangelo.
Did you know these suggestive sculptures sketched by the master were never completed? Discover with our guides the story of the David and the slaves, their meanings, their secrets, the context where they were conceived and created and much more!

After he visit of the Accademia, we will move towards San Lorenzo area.
There you will discover one of the most symbolic place in Forence, the church that became the “temple” of the Medici family having inside the Medici Chapels: San Lorenzo!

As the official tomb of the Medici Family, the Medici Chapel is place to appreciate the artist not only as sculptor but also as architect.
Here you will admire Michelangelo’s adeptness in designing space! It was a completely new way to design a burial that will be then copied throughout the world, up until this day. This is the place where will will learn about the political vision of the man Michelangelo and his difficult relationship with the other members of the Medici family once Lorenzo, his patron, died.

Our aim is to make you deeply understand the artistic language Michelangelo loved the most. It is not just a matter of technical skills and good tools, but a profound knowledge of classic sculpting coupled with the christian way of life.

If that does not quench your thirst for Michelangelo, you can write us for the tailored version of the tour and add even more sites!

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