The Uffizi Gallery Tour

Duration: 2 hours.
Price: the cost of the tour can change according to the season and the day of the week. TICKETS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE
Time: 8 am to 10 am/1:30 am to 3:30 pm/4pm to 6 pm . Reservation required
Days: From Tuesday to Sunday
Not running on: the first Sunday of every month; 1 january, 1 may e 25 december.
Number of people: Private or Semi-private (max 8 people)
Language: English, Italian, Spanish and Portoghese. 

Uffizi Gallery and Museums

– Uffizi Tickets: €20+ €4 booking fee for Adults. €4 booking fee for under 18.
– The semi-private tours (5 up to 8 people) follows the same itinerary and prevent the use of headsets

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Tour Description

This is a skip the line tour of the most famous museum in the world: The Uffizi!

People from all over the world want to have this opportunity. That’s why a skip the line tour is esencial! Our classic tour is 2 hours long to admire the great masterpieces of art history. Paintings like Maestà by Giotto, the Botticelli’s Spring and Birth of Venus, the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raffaelo and other surprises are waiting for you inside of this majestuosic gallery!

The history of Uffizi and the Medici are linked for ever. The building, the collection and the development of Florence are part of this puzzle that we will reconstruct together contemplating on live the most beautiful artworks ever made.

If you desire a longer tour don’t hesitate to contact us to customize it!


The ancient palace of the Offices of the Grand Duchy of Toscany houses the most important collection of the Italian Renaissance. It is one of the oldest museums of the world and perhaps the finest example of the Medici Family patronage. Giorgio Vasari, the architect, achieved to construct a glorious building utilizing the canon of classic architecture by light of the invention of the Geometric Perspective.

Not only the content, but the container will be our focus: monumental staircases, fresco-roofed terraces and breathtaking views will be the perfect and most adequate introduction to the Beautiful interiors.

Walking in the halls of the Uffizi Gallery you will realize why this museum is the root of western culture in terms of imagery and aesthetics. You will discover you belong to this beauty and that this beauty is part of your world.

We will learn why the painter Giotto is the father of the Italian School of Painting by witnessing the very beginnings of the definition of Geometric Perspective. The most iconic paintings of Botticelli will have no more secrets for you and have you refresh the definition of Renaissance expression.

Together we will discover the young talent of Leonardo Da Vinci and his ability of turning a still life into a dynamic and interactive figure. New light will be shed upon Michelangelo as a painter. Not only will we appreciate his talent but learn how sensitive he could have been.
The elegant and defined works of Raffaello will set a course into the lives of crucial popes as you will discover more about their actions, contributions to the religion and art, their weakness. 

This tour will not be an academic art lecture, but a diverting experience where side-stories, anecdotes and funny revelations will be constantly provided; is the tour where you will be both moved and amused. We assure you that you will feel sorry to leave when reaching the exit.

If you desire to discover other great masters as Tiziano and his naked Venus or Caravaggio, the most cinematographic painter of the past, scandalous and dramatic, intense and passionate, we should extend the tour one hour more. Let us know!

Information and Bookings

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