…touring from home? Try with a Virtual Walk!

Join a Zoom session and explore Florence with one of the Joy of Florence guides. What you need is a good internet connection and audio/video system.

We’ll talk, explore, discover from our apartments until we’ll be able to walk through the streets of Florence again!

Private’s Virtual Walk from 70€

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* Please note the Virtual Walks’ time zone:
8pm CET (central European time) | 2pm EDT (Eastern Daylight time) | 11am PDT (Pacific Daylight time)

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* Please note the Virtual Walks' time zone:
8pm CET (central European time) | 2pm EDT (Eastern Daylight time) | 11am PDT (Pacific Daylight time)

A virtual tour It’s a great way to get a preview!

You are planning to come to Florence and you are not sure about the activities you want to book: a virtual tour is great to “taste and test”!

A virtual tour it’s a wonderful way to spend time with friends and relatives everywhere in the world!

We made virtual tours for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, to surprise granma, to spend a Saturday night “travelling” from home. Sometimes we had 20 connections from different countries but same family! You were the ones that made us discover the many interesting uses there are for a virtual tour and now we cannot stop!

A virtual tour is a great way to remember and go deep in the story.

“I was in Florence but I had not time to see the Uffizi’s Gallery”…
This and many more are the requests we received from you and we are so happy to say, yes! Let’s do it! Thanks to google earth we can explore even more sites and more places in less time and have “walks” on a larger scale!

In a virtual tour you cannot have a gelato with us in the streets but we can still share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while we talk about Florence!